Know your market

Via – Product Marketing & ManagementIf you are growing your company, or are thinking about starting a company — in any industry — you need to understand your market; you need product management. If you desire to improve your company’s success, you need product management.Via

Meeting vs. making

Via – Product Marketing & ManagementAs I was scurrying to meet someone coming in on the 11 am train, I realized that there’s a huge difference between meeting a train and making one. If you’re rushing to make a train, you have to be there before the last moment.Via

The Importance of Being CEO of Your Product

Via – Product Marketing & ManagementAfter a while, you begin to wonder if there is any kind of best practice that would get you to be a “real” product manager. There are several groups that are offering different levels of training or framework (AIPMM, Blackblot, …Via